[sdlsound] Re: SDL_sound and modplug (fwd)

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> Subject: [sdlsound] Re: SDL_sound and modplug (fwd)
> Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> > This hit my inbox a few days ago, and I completely missed it.
> >
> > Which ModPlug do we use, and which should we be using?
> I used the one from http://sourceforge.net/projects/modplug-xmms, which is
> C++, but - obviously - perfectly usable from C.
> I haven't tried the other version, but assuming that they are at least
> source compatible, is there any reason to recommend one over the other?
> I.e. are there any bug fixes or other improvements in the C version?

I have used http://sourceforge.net/projects/modplug-xmms. Kenton Varda
has added for me the C front end.
It is exact the same, but no longer c++, I have added some missing mixer
functions, but nothing important.
Also the typedef chaos is removed and C99 stdint.h types used.
It compiles on all SDL platforms.

There is no need to have it in C++, it didn't use any C++ features.

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