Timidity under WinCE

Corona688 tsm at accesscomm.ca
Mon Jul 29 18:56:21 EDT 2002

I have managed to get Timidity running under WinCE!  Afew notes:

1) Since the patch set is a whopping 17MB, I wouldn't expect an older
32M PDA machine to be able to contain this sucker, at least not if you
want to do anything else with it..  a modern 64M one's a much better

2) Something I have done, has caused Modplug to start crashing.  Will

3) It takes around 16-20 seconds for Timidity to load the patches it
needs into memory, not sure why it's so excruciatingy slow yet.  Once it
starts playing, however, it actually plays quite well.  :)  Only problem
is a slight bit of clicking when the music gets fast/intense, which I
think can be resolved just by lowering the samplerate...  will work on

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