WinCE and altcvt notes

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Tue Jul 2 00:36:15 EDT 2002

I've committed Corona688's WinCE patches to CVS, and tweaked a few other
things, including the configure scripts. Please let me know if anything
mysteriously breaks, because it's probably my fault.

Corona688: When you get a chance, can you pull the latest from CVS and
make sure I didn't break anything in the merge? Also, if you can get me a
zipfile of just the things PocketPC developers will need, I'll put it up
on the website and a URL in the README. The goal is for a developer to
unzip the archive in the root of the SDL_sound source tree and be
three clicks away from building after that.

Frank: I'm exhausted. I'll look at your question regarding altcvt in the
morning. Honest.  :)

Thank you, both, for your efforts!


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