MIDI decoder in SDL_sound CVS...

Torbjörn Andersson torbjorn.e.andersson at tietoenator.com
Sat Jan 5 11:31:11 EST 2002

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

 > Works well...thankya.

In that case I guess the MIDI decoder can move from the "planned" to the 
"working" on the SDL_sound Web page. (And I just realized I forgot to 
patch the SDL_sound TODO file as well. Crud.) Anyway it's a relief to 
finally have it in CVS so that others can point and laugh at what I've 
missed. ;-)

Apart from bugfixes, my primary concern right now is that I'd like for 
it to support the extensions TiMidity++ has made to the config file 
format. Some of them are apparently used by the "Eawpatches" - see 
http://www.stardate.bc.ca/eawpatches/html/default.htm - but I'm not yet 
sure what they do.


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