SDL_sound 0.1.5 milestone goals:

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Tue Jan 1 18:19:12 EST 2002

Happy New Year, everyone!

Here's the list of goals for 0.1.5. A lot of these are simple fixes that
have been collecting dust in the TODO file for too long...

- Add the new MIDI decoder that is waiting to be included.
- Add a Sound_Rewind() API. Discussion to follow.
- SMPEG only works after calling SDL_OpenAudio(), but I don't think this
  is a universal truth (i.e. - OpenAL uses it without outputting through
  SDL...) Figure out if this can be fixed.
- Change SMPEG's URL to point to
- in Sound_NewSample*, if a decoder is selected by file extension and
  fails, it should not be tried again when going through the rest of the
  decoders. Or should we just opt to give up if the specified decoder
- Shrink buffer in Sound_DecodeAll to fit exact size of sample after
- Port to BeOS. Getting BeOS up and running is probably harder than
  porting SDL_sound to it, I should think.
- Make Sound_SetError() and Sound_GetError() use their own buffers, so
  they don't piddle over SDL errors, and vice-versa.
- Rename the "test" directory to "playsound".
- Have the default "make" build playsound, and "make install" install it.
- Other bugfixes/enhancements as appropriate.
- Update the Visual C project files.

Anything else worth tackling at this stage? That should keep us pretty busy.


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