[sdlsound] SDL_sound 1.0 goals.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Tue Feb 12 16:53:11 EST 2002

> I'd like to see the SMPEG dependency dropped. Large parts of smpeg
> are for video playback, which SDL_sound doesn't use. Also, SMPEG
> is just about impossible to port to MacOS9.

It's not a dependency; SDL_sound can build without it. Unless you mean
that you'd like the dependency on SMPEG to decode MP3s dropped?

I would like to see something lighter used to decode MP3s, like mpglib,
but it's less likely to be installed, you need to pull it out of mpg123's
source dir to install it, etc...even still, SMPEG support won't be
removed, it'll just be a second choice at configure time.

(As a side note, Mac Classic compatibility is one of my goals for SMPEG
once I have the time to start active development on that library.)


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