[sdlsound] Visual C project files?

Torbjörn Andersson torbjorn.e.andersson at tietoenator.com
Mon Feb 11 02:38:50 EST 2002

Corona688 wrote:

 > Please forgive my ignorance...  what the heck do I do with a .diff
 > file?

Oh, right, cultural differences between the Unix and Windows world. I 
forgot about that. :-)

I don't know if it's customary to call it .diff or .patch, but it's a 
simple text file generated by the "diff" tool that tells the difference 
between two files or sets of files. The changes can be applied 
automatically with the "patch" tool, or manually if they're small 
enough. It's the same kind of information that you get if you ask (for 
instance) the CVS Web interface for a unified diff between two versions.

Anyway, since Ryan has applied the changes to his source tree you won't 
have to bother with that any more.


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