[sdlsound] Timidity in Windows

Corona688 tsm at accesscomm.ca
Tue Dec 24 16:47:53 EST 2002

Eric Wing wrote:

> Hi, has anybody successfully played a midi file
> through SDL_sound in Windows? I've been working on
> updating the Project file trying to get it to build
> with the latest fixes, and I just realized that even
> though everything compiles including the Timidity
> stuff and SOUND_SUPPORTS_MIDI is defined, Timidity is
> not actually showing up as an available decoder
> through playsound (and I cannot play MIDIs).
> Thanks,
> Eric

I have.  Are you sure you're defining SOUND_SUPPORTS_MIDI for *all*
builds?  You might just be defining it for the debug build or something.

Happy Holidays,
Tyler Montbriand

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