[sdlsound] SNDDECLSPEC problems, and WinCE update

Corona688 tsm at accesscomm.ca
Wed Aug 21 19:43:59 EDT 2002

Here is the latest whack of stuff for SdlCE_Sound.

The project 'scope' is a variant of playsound, with a cheap stereo
oscilloscope.  Even with my own homemade 'start/run' program, commandline
stuff is a real pain in the ass;  found it easiest to use PocketTweak and
setup some file associations instead.

Apparently WinCE programs aren't used to getting more than one parameter,
however;  WinCE never ever seens to put quotes around the first argv
parameter, despite their being a space in the directory..  I ended up having
to do a hack like 'scope x "%1"' in order to get the second parameter to not
be a part of the first one(actually two, s'a directory broken by a space) and
find the real thing it's looking for.
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