SNDDECLSPEC problems, and WinCE update

Corona688 tsm at
Wed Aug 21 12:16:34 EDT 2002

First off, sorry for delay...  been busy with a CS230 final project, and
simply haven't had time to work on this until now.  So, without further
ado, on with the show:

I had to modify the SNDDECLSPEC declaration to this, because, while the
calling convention for __declspec(dllexport) is

__declspec(dllexport) return_type function(something);

the convention for SDLCALL is

return_type SDLCALL function(something);


#  define SNDDECLSPEC __declspec(dllexport)

As for WinCE, I resolved the Modplug/Timidity problem by starting over
from scratch.  I don't know what caused those crashes, and likely never
will. They both work now, and Timidity no longer takes minutes and
minutes to load.  Have made a semi-graphical playsound program that runs
under WinCE(tho it SHOULD compile for other platforms).  Will try and
email a zip soon.

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