[SDL] SDL_sound mac updates

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sun Apr 28 22:54:23 EDT 2002

> 	I have added a quicktime decoder which can play back some quicktime
> formats (.mov) and also update the CodeWarrior and ProjectBuilder
> projects to use mpglib. There are a few small changes for mpglib. I
> originally wrote the quicktime decoder to play mp3 but I found it wasn't
> possible with this method. But it can play other formats so maybe it is
> useful to some people. I tested on Mac OS 9 and mpglib seems to work
> great!
> http://icdweb.cc.purdue.edu/~walisser/sdl/SDL_sound.tar.gz


  You kick massive butt!  Thanks!


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