Max Horn max at
Mon Sep 24 19:13:27 EDT 2001

At 19:05 Uhr -0400 24.09.2001, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>  > Attached you find a modified version of SDL_sound with
>>  autoconf/automake/libtool support. I also renamed LICENSE to COPYING
>>  to conform better to the GNU coding standard.
>Cool; I'm digging in and getting familiar with it. I'll try to get it
>merged into CVS tonight. Thank you!
>Any luck with MacOS X yet?

This was developed on a OS X box :)

Looking at the code that I made there I see a big problem - only 
Vorbis, smpeg and mikmod are enabled, all otheres (raw, aiff, etc.) 
are not - this needs to be added to Shouldn't be hard, 
though. If you want I can do this, but right now I am working on a 
new OS X audio driver for SDL (and somehow it isn't doing what I want 

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