Transplanting SDL_audiocvt.c to SDL_sound

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Tue Oct 16 14:34:39 EDT 2001

> Hhm...gave me trouble; I'll try to reproduce it later today when I'm at
> my own computer.

(...and reproduce it I did...)

I tried it with a couple of other MP3s, and it seems to work (that is,
something like "playsound /mp3/albumname/*.mp3" plays through the
directory fine), but here are some that don't:

Immediate clue, with DEBUG_CHATTER enabled, is that these files appear to
SMPEG as MPEG-2 layer 3 files (most .mp3 files I tried looked like MPEG-1
to SMPEG). Both play fine by themselves, but not when played together on
the same run of playsound ("playsound psychoex*.mp3").

Not sure the ramifications of this; it might very well be a bug in SMPEG.

Disclaimer, by the way: those MP3s are from the
website, and while they don't contain explicit material, they aren't
exactly in good taste, either. You've been warned.  :)


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