Transplanting SDL_audiocvt.c to SDL_sound

Max Horn max at
Mon Oct 15 17:31:01 EDT 2001

At 3:07 Uhr -0400 15.10.2001, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>  > This is a first attempt at transplanting the audio converter from SDL
>>  to SDL_sound. I've reformatted the code and made some slight
>>  restructuring, but the only important change is that I've enabled the
>>  slow rate conversion filter.
>It looks good, but I'd like to make an official release before we add the
>audio conversion stuff to CVS, so I'll make that release tomorrow...I
>_will_ put the midi part of the patch in there before the release, though.
>Once I make this release, here's my thoughts on a roadmap for the NEXT
>release after that. Some of these are easier than others...
>  - Change the API (Ahhhhh!) to allow a decoder to register multiple file
>    extensions. This is just some simple reworking.
>  - Put a --credits option into playsound that lists SDL_sound contributors
>    (you know who you are).
>  - ADPCM compression support in wav.c (this covers most compressed .WAV
>    files in existance).
>  - Make aiff.c capable of handling multiple compression schemes (mostly,
>    this involves updating it to match wav.c's changes, I think).
>  - Fix mp3.c so it can handle decoding more than one MP3 in a row.
>  - Start working on the audio conversion routines.
>  - Manpages. I want manpages.
>  - Officially declare this ported to MacOS X, if Max feels its ready.

I guess we could, but I should first test current CVS...

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