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Max Horn max at quendi.de
Thu Oct 4 03:50:25 EDT 2001

At 8:48 Uhr +0200 04.10.2001, Torbjörn Andersson wrote:
>I see you've fixed most - perhaps all - of my build problems while I 
>were sleeping. Thanks! :-)
>A few questions/observations though:
>At the moment, aiff.c includes SDL_endian.h. That's no longer 
>necessary, is it?
>Slight inconsistency: shn.c and voc.c use #if (defined 
>SOUND_SUPPORTS_...). The other decoders use #ifdef 
>Should we include <config.h> or "config.h"? I know I have a few 
>config.h files lurking in subdirectories of /usr/include and 
>/usr/local/include on my system, so "config.h" sounds a bit safer to 

Well, <> is what the Autobook suggests; it won't make any difference 
for the decoders, though - they won't find config.h with "" in the 
user path anyway, since userpath means: same directory as source file 
or below; but config.h is one dir *up*. But our CPPFLAGS start with 
-I$(top_srcdir), guranteeing that our config.h is found immediatly.

Installing autoheader generated config.h files is a serious bug, but 
sadly, many apps do it :/ In fact, good that you remind me, I am not 
100% sure we don't (I didn't explicitly tell it to, of course, but 
checking that would be a good idea anyway).

>If I understand the last playsound.c changes, it now lets the 
>decoder decide the audio format. Won't that break the decoders which 
>can't or won't get the sample rate from their input, e.g. RAW, MOD, 
>MIDI, ...?
>Speaking of playsound.c, for some reason that one wasn't being 
>compiled when I tried it yesterday. If I changed its Makefile.am to 
>use bin_PROGRAMS instead of check_PROGRAMS it seemed to work, but is 
>that the right thing to do? I recently installed automake 1.5, so 
>perhaps that broke something...

Well, automake sadly has some serious limitation because it uses 
recursive make (like many bigger packages), which means that 
dependencies can't be resolved right.... you must make sure that the 
test app is built *after* the library. Try a make clean; make with 
your change, if it works, then it should be fine.

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