Updates to SDL_sound.

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Wed Oct 3 14:38:06 EDT 2001

At 14:28 Uhr -0400 03.10.2001, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>After hours of tracking down a bogus pointer, we've now got a Shorten
>(.SHN) decoder in place, so you can listen to all those bootlegged Phish
>and Grateful Dead shows on the 'net.  :)
>Max: I changed the decoders to include config.h if needed, since config.h
>now handles defining SOUND_SUPPORTS_*, which means the decoders won't
>compile unless this header is included; it's a catch 22, y'know...

Erhm, the decoders already #included config.h (unless I forgot to 
commit this) via SDL_sound_internal.h

>Let me know if I screwed it up.

Will check it out :)

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