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Max Horn max at
Wed Oct 3 07:39:30 EDT 2001

At 23:41 Uhr -0400 02.10.2001, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>Can we get some options in SDL_sound's build system for something like
>--enable-debug (or --disable-optimizations) so we can toggle a few things:
>   Defining DEBUG and DEBUG_CHATTER for debug builds, and NDEBUG (disables
>   assertions) for optimized builds. Optimized builds could probably do
>   without the -g option too, but I guess individuals can strip the
>   binaries themselves if they are concerned.

Actually, "make install" should perform the stripping automatically, 
IIRC, with automake/libtool.

>   The gcc -O2 flag only used without debugging enabled, since it makes
>   stepping in gdb a pain in the arse.
>   -Werror if at all possible. I just had a segfault that I would have
>   caught at compile time (passed an integer where a pointer should be)
>   that I could have caught without a debugger if the warning hadn't
>   scrolled off my screen.

So, I sum this up like this:

* add -Werror (always)
* add a switch --enable-debug, which if given:
   * #define DEBUG 1
   * #undef NDEBUG
   * turn off all optimizations (i.e. -O0)
  else, if this flag is not given, or if --disable-debug is give, then
   * #undef DEBUG
   * #define NDEBUG 1
   * no change to optimization (this will default to -O2 then)

If this is right, I will implement it later today.

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