[referencer] Looking up a DOI (was: Re: [referencer] Re: Plugin for fetching data from Isi-WebOfScience)

jcspray at icculus.org jcspray at icculus.org
Tue Jul 8 04:47:07 EDT 2008

Quoting Michael Banck <mbanck at gmx.net>:
> It would be awesome to have some sort of journal database which could
> look up DOIs from the JournalName-Volume-Page triple the user could
> input via a pop-up GUI similar to the "Add Reference with ID" query.
> This database could then get expanded by users based on their scientific
> field and most used journals.

If you (as in, y'all, the collective you) make the database, I'll  
write the code.  If you can arrange for it to be populated with about  
50 top physics and biology journals, I think it's worth shipping.   
You're right that the database needs to be user-expandable, but I  
think it also needs a solid basis to start from.

Note that the triple needs to resolve to something machine-parseable,  
rather than human-readable HTML.  Many journals have a "download  
citation" link or so associated with article pages which would be  
useful for this.  XML preferred to bibtex since it tends to have fewer  


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