[quake3] Quake 3 and Quakelive source code.

Zachary Slater zakk at timedoctor.org
Sun Mar 16 00:39:54 EDT 2008

Rob Willmore wrote:
> Here's an interesting question. Will iD be bound to release any changes 
> they make to the Quake 3 source code when they release Quake Live? I 
> assume any web based stuff for matching, etc wouldn't be covered, but 
> certainly improvements, changes to the engine and hooks to web 
> interfaces would?

tl;dr version:
The code they own is their code, they can't use our changes.

They can choose which "Version" of the code to use
if they chose to use the GPL'd version, they could use our code and then 
they would release the changes.

If they chose to use their internal version, it is under their license 
and copyright.
- Zachary J. Slater
zakk at timedoctor.org
zacharyslater at gmail.com

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