[quake3] Quake 3 Raytracing Patch

Thilo Schulz arny at ats.s.bawue.de
Fri Mar 7 04:32:54 EST 2008

From Daniel Lord:
> Thilo,You are running on LInux right?


On Freitag, 7. März 2008, Stephan Reiter wrote:
> There's also something important about the raytracing effects in the
> EF version: The only reason we actually get these is due to the fact
> that the shader compiler actively modifies the scripted shaders! It
> looks for the use of an environment map and replaces it with the
> reflected color at the intersection point. To add effects like these
> to Q3 you'll most definitely have to modify said lines in the shader
> compiler.

Yes, I wondered about that when playing, and already had a hunch that this is 
what happens.

> A better solution would be adding new keywords to the shader language
> and then modifying the scripts by hand. We could also add keywords
> for refraction (interesting for water!) and other new effects. But
> since this is a lot of work I decided to go the automated route for
> my thesis ...

For a start, this is a legitimate way to make it work.

I was wondering about Anti-Aliasing and flares. Anti-Aliasing gets lost when 
using the raytraced version and flares, which are an effect after any 
rendering has been done.

For the radiant, there are shader keywords that make shaders be light sources 
of a certain color which is then only used in the lighting pass but not in 
the game. However, these keywords are not dropped for the game I think. So 
maybe you could use that information in your raytracer?

Thilo Schulz
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