[quake 3] add a trap function ?

Pierre Marti pierremarti at free.fr
Fri Jun 29 11:14:13 EDT 2007


Do you know how to add your own trap function ? 
I put my function in qcommon directory and I want to call it from the game directory (like for example the trap_FS_Write function). 
I do the same (definition/declaration) like the other trap functions but I suppose the problem is to find the correct id for the g_syscalls.asm. 

For example :

In qcommon/common.c : 

void example_trap_function( void ) 
int i = 12345; // only for for debug 

In qcommon/q_shared.h: 

void example_trap_function( void ); 

In game/g_local.h: 

void example_trap_function( void ); 

In game/gpublic.h: 

in the gameImport_t enum adding the line : 


In game/g_syscalls.c: 

void example_trap_function( void ) 

You have to modify the game.q3asm for compiling g_syscalls.c (replace line ../g_syscalls with g_syscalls) with ioquake3. 

In game/g_syscalls.asm: 

adding this line at the end of the file : 

equ trap_example_trap_function -584 

Is it my problem ? 
How to know the number ? 

In game/g_main.c: 

Use the example function in G_InitGame : 

trap_example_trap_function( ); 

Compiling is ok 
After installing everything (bin and qvm) and starting the game it's ok. 
When the map is launching (G_InitGame function) I have this message : 

bad game system trap -582 (same result if I choose -583)

582 is the number for the trap_BotLibSourceFileAndLine in the g_syscalls.asm file. 
I add my line after it...


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