Roy Laurie rlaurie at binarycult.com
Wed Aug 22 10:07:43 EDT 2007


On Tue, 2007-08-21 at 22:25 -0700, Zachary Slater wrote:
> FYI:
> I'm transferring ioquake3's registration from dotster to dreamhost to 
> save five bucks a year.
> During this time ioquake3.org may appear to go down even though the host 
> and dns shouldn't change.
> You may be interested in doing one of these things doing this time of 
> crisis:
> 1) Making up new, fake names for ioquake3
> 1b) such as:
> 1c) Quake Negative One
> 1d) Quake Not-Zero
> 1e) Zachary Quake Slater's Quake 3: Quake of Honor: Mission: Objective: 
> Overlord
> 2) Predicting the impending doom for ioquake3
> 2b) such as suggesting that ioquake3 is doomed because of:
> 2c) Lack of download menus
> 2d) Lack of outlook integration
> 2e) Lack of Second Life style avatar-based worlds
> 2f) Supporting window$ haw haw haw lunix 4 EVA
> 2g) Supporting O$ X haw haw haw windows 4 eva!
> 3) Complaining about:
> 3b) Open Arena stealing Tremulous' players
> 3c) Tremulous Stealing Urban Terror's players
> 3d) Urban Terror bringing in Counter Strike fans
> 3e) Counter Strike fans asking for "spray" support

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