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JoeHill joehill at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 22 02:12:26 EST 2006

On Wed, 22 Nov 2006 07:48:44 +0100
Rainer Klaffenboeck got an infinite number of monkeys to type out:

> I think what you are looking for is 'tail -f /path/to/the/file'.
> 'man tail' for more information.

Should have mentioned, tried using tail, it doesn't work because I'm not
appending to the file, I'm overwriting it each time cron runs qstat. From what
I can tell, even in the manpage, it will only update if the file actually
grows, ie. data is added.
> Afaik q3 servers do not send team information, so the sorting of which
> you're talking is most probably happening server-side. Someone correct
> me if I'm wrong.

I'm actually running the qstat query on 'localhost', would that make any

I was just thinking, perhaps what I should be monitoring is the logfiles. They
would have the team info, etc. But then I'm back at square one, because I have
no idea how to parse those logs into a useable console output :-(

It's not a biggie, I've got pretty much what I wanted, ie. I can see from my
screen session now the console, the mapcycle, and now the serverinfo re map,
time, etc. That's pretty cool in my books :-)

More Googlin'...


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