Long uptime bug and other suggestions

DD 0000spam at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 07:00:26 EST 2006

I like ioq3, but i still see some bugs are not fixed and some annoying
features are still there.

Not your fault but it would be great improvement to fix this old bug,
please check this out:
( Fix for long server uptime behavior ("choppy server"))

Also, it would be very good to drop UDP downloading and implement TCP
or some redirection. Downloading new maps from server is very slow, at
average 16k/s. Increasing rate is not the solution, also, how can you
tell novice players what the rate is and when do you tell.

Other fix would be to at least implement customizable server response
in case downloading is not enabled on client or on the server. Right
now it says you cannot connect and you need to get maps elsewhere.
Would be nice to have a cvar with custom output, for example server
www address.

Best regards,

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