MD4 Model Support

Thilo Schulz arny at
Fri Sep 16 17:26:48 EDT 2005


Is there any mod, etc. that actually uses the md4 model routines that seem to 
be in Quake3? They seem like half finished and it doesn't look like the main 
quake3 game makes use of these.
Raven software seems to have "finished" md4 capabilities (bone animation and 
stuff), and called the format ".mdr". So I was asking, what your plan with 
these routines is. I have managed to make the GPL'ed md3view source code 
released by Raven work on the project, and can provide patches soon that 
would somewhat complete the md4 stubs currently still in the codebase. Is 
there any interest in this happening? If not I could save myself some work of 
doing this in a clean way :)

Thilo Schulz
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