r1402 - trunk

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Sun Jun 29 23:38:19 EDT 2008

Author: zakk
Date: 2008-06-29 23:38:19 -0400 (Sun, 29 Jun 2008)
New Revision: 1402

This is moved as well.

Modified: trunk/NOTTODO
--- trunk/NOTTODO	2008-06-30 03:30:11 UTC (rev 1401)
+++ trunk/NOTTODO	2008-06-30 03:38:19 UTC (rev 1402)
@@ -1,32 +1 @@
-Things we won't ever be doing!
-New build system of the week.
-Punkbuster (unless even balance wants to work with us)
-Modifications to the core Quake 3: Arena/ Team Arena gameplay. Put that into
-your great mod, don't screw with this.
-Removing the CD Key/pk3 checksums, yes jerks are going to do this on their own,
-no we aren't going to support them. Obviously that doesn't apply if you're
-making a total conversion. That is, if you're not using any id data from the 
-pk3s from either Team Arena or the original game itself.
-Removing the SDL/OpenAL header files from SVN. Having them in SVN makes it easier
-for non-Linux platforms to compile the game. This isn't changing.
-MP3 support. It is already done, see: http://ioquake3.org/?page=patches
-All development should take place on the trunk. This includes bug
-fixes, new features and experimental stuff.
-Release branches should not receive any commits that aren't also made
-to the trunk. Normally you /shouldn't/ commit to release branches as
-such commits are periodically merged from the trunk. These merges are
-harder to perform if there are sporadic commits made in the interim.
-Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ever commit to a tag. A tag is a static
-snapshot which is intended to be unchanging.

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