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--- Comment #5 from Simon McVittie <smcv-ioquake3 at pseudorandom.co.uk> 2011-07-27 10:19:20 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> current versions of OpenArena
> wrongly use the same sv_heartbeat as Quake III Arena

... or rather, they wrongly do this if Thilo was correct in r1815 and r1842.

If Mathieu is correct in Comment #3, then OA *correctly* uses QuakeArena-1...

I'm not sure that I understand the distinction between GAMENAME_FOR_MASTER and
HEARTBEAT_FOR_MASTER fully. As far as I can see from the code:

* Quake 3 servers have always sent "heartbeat QuakeArena-1\n" to signal
  both heartbeat and flatlining

* OpenArena servers have always sent the same heartbeats as Q3

* Quake 3 clients query the master server with "getservers 68 ..."
  (IPv4 master), "getserversExt Quake3Arena 68 ..." (IPv6 master,
  dual-stack client) or "getserversExt Quake3Arena 71 ipv6 ..." (IPv6
  master, IPv6-only client)

* OpenArena clients query the master server with "getservers 71 ..."
  (IPv4 master), "getserversExt openarena 71 ..." (IPv6 master, dual-stack
  client) or "getserversExt openarena 71 ipv6 ..." (IPv6 master,
  IPv6-only client)

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