[prey] installing prey

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sat Dec 13 09:09:31 EST 2008

> So what you say don't really explain to me why the sound stutters in 
> prey w/o setting this variable. On the other hand my system never ran 
> into sound problems, prey seems one of the extremely rare exceptions. So 
> to me it looks like it is you who does some non-conform things with 
> sound implementation.

That's one possibility. Another possibility is that your MP3 player just 
feeds data to the hardware as fast as it can decode it, so there are 
never buffer underruns. We could do this in Prey, too, if you don't mind 
your rifle making noise a full second behind when you fired it.

A more likely scenario: SDL doesn't convert from 44.1KHz sample rate to 
48.0KHz correctly. Prey requires 44.1, lots of modern hardware only does 
48...it's possible some drivers handle this better than others.


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