[physfs] Correct way to unmount a mounted archive?

buginator buginator07 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 23:47:18 EST 2013

Using PhysFS 2.0.3, and doing:
mounts it, and when I enumerate files under "Lvl2" it works as
expected, but, then I wish to remove the mount point, and doing:
PHYSFS_removeFromSearchPath("Lvl2") fails with not found.
PHYSFS_removeFromSearchPath(Mod.c_str()) does indeed remove the
archive, but Lvl2 is still around.

Is that by design ?  Is there any way to actually remove "Lvl2", so
there is no reference to it ?

Also, any word when 2.1 will be pushed out ?  I really wish to stop
using deprecated functions, but I can't do that until there is a 2.1.0
release. :)

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