[physfs] Physfs not seeing a file in zip archive

Ivan Safrin ivansafrin at gmail.com
Sat May 11 18:11:53 EDT 2013


I am the lead developer of Polycode, which uses PhysFS fairly heavily (thank you so much for your work on PhysFS, it's an amazing project!).

We've encountered a strange issue of a file not being found by PhysFS within a zip archive. It occurs only when it's created with polycode's build tool, which uses the minizip library for creating the zip archive (when I use my Mac's Compress function to create the zip, the file can be seen by PhysFS correctly).

The strange thing is it happens very inconsistently, with the order or even amounts of other files in the archive impacting whether this file can be seen or not (with all other files reading properly). I can unzip the file correctly using most unzip tools and it seems that PhysFS is the only one that has a problem seeing the file.

I stepped through PHYSFS_exists and it seems that it indeed fails in zip_find_entry not finding the entry for said file.

Since PhysFS has no problem seeing the file in a zip file created by an "official" zip tool, I am assuming that the issue is most likely with my not setting proper flags while adding files to the archive, not with PhysFS itself, but since other tools don't seem to have a problem unzipping the file, I'm wondering if anyone has encountered a similar problem before.

Thank you!

- Ivan

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