[physfs] Filtering which directories are allowed

Indy Sams indy at driftsolutions.com
Wed Jun 26 15:20:27 EDT 2013

Hello Sik,

You could do this by making a custom archiver that calls one of the real archivers to actually read the files.
Then just check the paths passed to your archiver to filter out any directories you don't want.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 3:08:14 PM, you wrote:

Sth> Silly question, is there any way to filter which directories can be
Sth> loaded when mounting an archive? For example, I want to allow mods in
Sth> my game by letting users put files in a 7z archive, but I want to make
Sth> sure only files within specific folders inside the archive can get
Sth> mounted (for the sake of extra sandboxing). With directories I can
Sth> just generate the directory names I want and mount them separately,
Sth> with archives as far as I know I can't do something like that.

Sth> If not possible, would it be possible to add functionality for
Sth> something like this to PhysicsFS?

Sth> PS: as you can imagine all those archives would get mounted at the
Sth> root of the virtual filesystem, so filtering which directories are
Sth> mountable is also an acceptable solution for me.
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