[physfs] Build issues with physfs 2.0 / HG

Brad Smith brad at comstyle.com
Sat Jul 28 20:43:16 EDT 2012

Looking at updating the OpenBSD port of physfs from 1.0.2 to
2.0.2 I have come across some issues with the 2.0 branch and
the HG code.

First off with the phyfs_platforms.h (2.0) / src/physfs_platforms.h
(HG) header..

Both 2.0 / HG should change this check for UNIX OS's..

#elif defined(unix)

to check for __unix__ || unix.

HG has also added a section for BSD OS's but it checks for the
symbol BSD which is only defined if sys/param.h is included
which it seems that is not the case so it does not work as
expected as is. The BSD section won't be used, the UNIX check
falls through since it's not checking for __unix__ and fails
to build.

The other issue with 2.0 was with the __PHYSFS_platformGetThreadID()
function failing to build as is. This commit needs to be back ported
to the 2.0 branch..

Attempt to clean up the thread ID mess in platform_unix ...

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