[physfs] Matroska (EBML) as a custom game format

Kip Warner kip at thevertigo.com
Wed Apr 18 00:56:15 EDT 2012

Hey list,

I'd like to ask if anyone has given any consideration into using EBML
as the basis for a game engine's custom game archive format. I asked
over on the EMBL mailing list, but there isn't much activity there. I'd
be interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this. Discussion

For those who don't already know, it's the format used to implement the
Matroska multimedia container format.

Some of the advantages I came up with,

* Enables extendability for future format changes

* Can contain arbitrary metadata on top of skeletal animation data,
geometry, textures, material shaders, scripts, and so on.

* As a single file containing other files, reduces file seek / open
times. This isn't really an advantage of EBML per se, but of any game
archive in general.

Kip Warner -- Software Engineer
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