[physfs] problem installing under Windows 7

william willlabbett at talktalk.net
Sun Nov 7 14:24:26 EST 2010

Hi there,

  new to this mailing list. I hope people can except that I'm something 
of a newb and have a limited knowledge of things unfortunately.

I compiled the library okay. But when I run mingw32-make install I got 
the following error :-

Cmake error at cmake_install.cmake:31 (FILE):
  file cannot make directory: C:\Program Files (x86)/PhysicsFS/lib. 
Maybe need administator priveledges.

To be honest I didn't know how to switch to administrator. Subsequently 
I found out that the user I am is the
administrator so I thought either it doesn't realise this or that's not 
the reason it can't make the directory.

Hopefully someone can spot what I need to do without much difficulty,

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm using physfs alongside the 
allegro library.


William Labbett

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