[physfs] Command & Conquer MIX archives

Damien Carol damien.carol at gmail.com
Wed May 19 14:25:01 EDT 2010

Hello world,

I'm the maintainer of OpenRedAlert project, a re-implementation of westwood
Red Alert Engine.

My project use original mix archives from game CDrom.

I have many problems with loading/reading resources because users are not
over skilled.

I plan to use a patched version of PhysFS to simplify the loading. I'm
finalizing this patch.

Any chance to have the MIX archive support in PhysFS ???

I'm ready to improve my piece of code but MIX archives are like WAD file.
It was easy to modify "wad.c" in "archivers/". I created "archivers/mix.c",
that's all.
I used it with the CLI test program and it rocks !
Read only, but that exactly what I want.
It's kind of success story.

Any comments ?


Damien Carol
(I'm not a native English speaker, be cool with my english thx)
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