[physfs] physfs fail to initialize properly on Debian kfreebsd

Patrick Matthäi pmatthaei at debian.org
Sun Mar 21 18:19:19 EDT 2010

On 21.03.2010 23:00, Christoph Nelles wrote:
> Am 21.03.2010 22:49, schrieb Patrick Matthäi:
>> 2) I will upload my personal kfreebsd-amd64 virtualbox image (amd64!)
> I just tried to install kFreeBSD in my VirtualBox, but apt system was
> broken. Can you help me if the appliance is not big?

In the past past past we didn't had got debian-installer images of 
kfreebsd-*, they are now available since a longer time, but some more 
versions of it were broken :/

These days I can not test it, but maybe [0] is working for you?


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