[physfs] ISO9660

Christoph Nelles evilazrael at evilazrael.de
Tue Mar 2 19:08:31 EST 2010

Hello again,

i think the archive is now complete. There is one const at the beginning
defining a threshold for open files. Files in the image which are LE to
this value will be read fully into memory when opened, bigger files will
open the image one additional time. I've checked a few images on Windows
32bit, Ubuntu 32 & 64bit and ran valgrind on ubuntu 64bit. It will even
work on /dev/sr0 ;)
It differs from the other non-library archivers that it won't read the
directory structure fully into memory. Optimizing this i left open.

I added a crc32 function to the test program. I find it easier to
compare a smaller string than a full cat of a file (and it works on
binary data ;)).

Am 28.02.2010 02:57, schrieb Ryan C. Gordon:
>> i've currently achieved a working ISO9660 (CDROM Image) archiver with
>> Joliet support in under 1k SLOC (smaller than the zip archiver ;))  I am
> Hah, nice! (I'll add this to the list of things to look at behind the
> errorcode stuff. Sorry, it's been a busy week.)
>> currently a little bit undecided on how to implement access with
>> multiple files opened at the same opened on the same image. The easiest
>> way is to open and close the image file an additional time everytime a
>> file is opened or closed. The other way is to synchronize access to the
> This is how the other archivers do it. They all share the basic info,
> but each opens a new OS-level file handle to the original archive for
> each PHYSFS_File.

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