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Christoph Nelles evilazrael at evilazrael.de
Wed Jan 27 09:54:26 EST 2010

On Wed, 27 Jan 2010 15:34:09 +0100, Tim Čas <darkuranium at gmail.com> wrote:
> Excellent ideas by Christoph Nelles, I would like to second all of
> However, I would like to add:
> 5) read/write access to files (there already is write access, why
> same/similar method be used for R/W? What are the issues?)

Hm, i thought about this, which is another nice feature but after checking
with c++ i've abandoned this idea. In C++ a file opened for read/write
(fstream) is just a file opened twice, once for read and once for write,
you will get to separate current pointers, too with functions seekg (for
setting the read pointer) and seekp (for setting the write pointer). If i
make my own iostream implementation, i will propably need 2 file opens
Standard C's fopen & open can open files for RW operations, too. The only
problem i see at the moment is that you may get different files in the
search path and write dir. 
Write dir: 

dummy.txt in the search path: 

PHYSFS_openRead will open c:/game/datafiles1/dummy.txt and
PHYSFS_openWrite will open c:/game/datafiles1/dummy.txt -----> BANG! so you
would need 2 different behaviours. 

Christoph Nelles

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