[physfs] My shot at PHYSFS_stat

Christoph Nelles evilazrael at evilazrael.de
Mon Feb 15 08:20:19 EST 2010

Am 15.02.2010 05:08, schrieb Ryan C. Gordon:
>>> Please give me a feedback and tell me that my work was not in vain ;)
>> I'll take a look at this soon.
> ...and now I have.  :)
> It's a good start. I cleaned up some small details and committed it to
> the default branch as changeset 1052:f87b0b7cca8e.
>    http://hg.icculus.org/icculus/physfs/rev/f87b0b7cca8e

There's no need to put me into the credits, there's nothing left of my
code :p
I am sorry to see that the readonly field is gone, i find it quite
useful to know if another file shadows a file on a mount, or some
filesystem permission limit your access.
The pocketpc should have been correct. FindFirstFile is a good
alternative to GetFileAttribute/Ex.

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