[physfs] More patches

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed Feb 3 23:22:42 EST 2010

> Here is another patch for the 'default' branch:

I just noticed this email, sorry about that!

> Move the definition of PHYSFS_NO_PTHREADS_SUPPORT at the end of the
> file, like it is done for CD-ROM support. It fails for unknown
> platforms where cmake IF(UNIX) is not defined, and that are not WINDOWS
> or OS2 (which cmake checks after UNIX).

Fixed in changeset 1047:18ae36a7f55b for the default branch and 
1048:22b96d39d1a2 for the stable-2.0 branch (no CMake in stable-1.0).

> memcpy() is defined in <string.h>, but this header file is not
> included, and causes a warning, and compiler is configured to error on
> any warning.

Fixed in changeset 1045:93b8ed5502a5 for the default branch and 
1046:c266bc57acc1 for the stable-2.0 branch (no lzma in stable-1.0).



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