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Christoph Nelles evilazrael at evilazrael.de
Tue Feb 2 10:27:05 EST 2010

On Mon, 01 Feb 2010 19:27:26 -0500, "Ryan C. Gordon" <icculus at icculus.org>
>> SWIG sounds promising. Has anybody experience with it, especially with
>> C++
>> objects?
> SWIG can do C++, but only in limited ways. For instance, classes can be 
> done; templates: not really. You can handle operator and method 
> overloading, but it requires some tapdancing.

That sounds not so good. Okay, templates are really problematic, but i
hoped SWIG could handle them. I better don't ask about boost ;) 

> That being said, a first shot at Perl bindings using SWIG are now in the

>   default branch. I'm still working on it. There's a basic definition 
> language available to SWIG so we can make some things more Perl-like 
> (etc) than a simple wrapper over the PhysicsFS API.

I have seen that. I made a clone of the repository on the weekend, but i
needed a lot of time to get Mercurial, CMake and Eclipse on Windows
working. I've worked yesterday on a stat() function and i think i can
publish a preliminary result for reviews on weekend, along with a whole
bunch of questions. 

It's my first time with Mercurial and it looks hmm, interesting. Is it
really easy to merge development branches and keeping them in sync? 

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