[physfs] LZMA decoding

Olivier Boudeville olivier.boudeville at online.fr
Sat Dec 4 11:06:42 EST 2010


I believe there is still, in physfs-2.0.1, a bug in the LZMA decoding 
support: the same program that works flawlessly when given a ZIP archive 
breaks when being fed with a LZMA archive (a TTF font cannot be loaded 
anymore). The same problem existed a while ago with the 1.1.1 and the 
2.0.0 versions (it was an OggVorbis file which was garbled, then a 

I dug the mail I had sent to you (Ryan) a while ago with an attempt of 
diagnose. I can send it again (on or off-list), if it can help. I 
reverted again to ZIP, for the moment, and all goes well since then.

Thanks for your time,
Best regards,

Olivier Boudeville.

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