[physfs] Mounting Archive from within an archive

Christian zicodxx at yahoo.de
Thu Aug 12 16:15:17 EDT 2010

Hey guys,

I am developing one Descent port called DXX-Rebirth.

Recently I wanted to adapt the ability to dynamically add archives to the game 
similar to what many Quake-ports do with PK3 files.

A little background: 
The game uses .HOG files for missions/levels. These HOG files I usually have in 
a directory called "missions/" within my Searchpath.
Now to play such a level I just add the HOG-file to Searchpath so it's contents 
(mostly RDL-files, which are the actual levels) are accessible.

So now I wanted to add archive support. Many missions usually are shipped as 
ZIP which contains the HOG-files and other info. 

My idea is to mount such a ZIP to" missions/" and then open the HOG whenever 
it's needed.

I basically do it like this:
PHYSFS_mount("missions/MISISON.zip", "missions/", 0));
[MISSION.zip contains MISSION.HOG]
From now, PHYSFS_exist("missions/MISSION.HOG") will return success.

HOWEVER now doing:

will not work. 

PHYSFS_getLastError() will just return "File not found".

So is it even possible what I am trying to do here? Or am I just mounting this 

Best regards,

http://www.dxx-rebirth.com // The Rebirth of Descent
Lead Programmer, Project Maintainer

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