[physfs] Re: static and import library have got the same name under MSVC?

Markus Henschel markus-henschel at gmx.de
Sun Mar 23 12:14:18 EDT 2008

Indy Sams schrieb:
> Hello Markus,
>       Sounds like you need to change the output path for one of your
>       solutions that way they won't overwrite each other. You can
>       also use my Win32 build for MSVC 2005 (http://www.titus-dev.com/index.php?mod=Code%20Library&parent=1&action=view_proj&id=18)
>       if you are using 1.5 and not working from SVN.
> Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 8:21:40 PM, you wrote:

Thanks. Never mind. I know how to fix this. Just wanted to make a bug 
report and check if this behavior is somehow intentional. Is there a bug 
tracking system somewhere for PhysFs?


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