[physfs] Re: more warnings

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sat Mar 8 21:49:27 EST 2008

> I did not get very far, but attached my patch anyway.
> Hope someone can take it further.
> (It includes the pointer signing patch from above.)

The pointer signing patch is committed, svn revision #930.

I think gcc will disable strict aliasing rules if you cast something to 
a (char *) first (the theory being that lots of legacy code breaks if 
you can't rely on that), so it should probably fix the type-punning 
warnings, too...

So can you tell me if this fixes it?

Change this line...

    symLookup(dll, (void **) &p##x, #x); \

...to this...

    symLookup(dll, (void **) ((char*) &p##x), #x); \


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