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Arthur Nascimento tureba at
Wed Mar 5 16:01:52 EST 2008


Is Physfs going to participate on Google Summer of Code?

I think it could. There is a lot of stuff in the TODO list and several
archive formats it could support.
You guys could even see if someone does the write support for some
format already implemented read-only, even if it seems impossible.
Throw the bait and see if anyone bytes.

I think I could implement Total Annihilation's HPI format version 1,
possibly version 2 also. Or maybe someone (me in the future) could
implement Fallout's DAT format (there are 2 versions of this as well,
but poorly documented or reverse engeneered). I bet there are a lot of
other formats out there.

Even if nobody comes forward for implementing these ideas, you still
get to put the project's name on display in front of a lot of
developers on the Google SoC page (if in fact Physfs needs the
Or if someone succeeds in implementing something useful, you get to
shorten the TODO list or lengthen the supported formats list. Plus,
you get a donation to the project in the end.

I think you only have to gain by trying.

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