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Sean Ridenour kewlpc at gmail.com
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As to #2, the "const" keyword in a function's argument list just means that
the function or method won't modify the argument, not that it's a
compile-time constant. So seeing "int somefunc(const char *string)" just
means that somefunc() is promising not to modify its "string" argument.
Unlike "const int answer = 42;" which *is* a compile-time constant.

On Jan 8, 2008 1:59 PM, Indy Sams <indy at driftsolutions.com> wrote:

> Hello Alain,
>      I don't know about #1, but for #2 just use (const char
>      *)yourLanguageVar (if your language doesn't do it for you in the
>      first place, typically char * can automatically be upgrade to
>      const char * without any casting in C++)
> Tuesday, January 8, 2008, 3:03:32 PM, you wrote:
> AB> Hello
> AB> I m member of Lincity-NG team, and we use physfs 1.0
> AB> 1/ We had problem on windows xp, with PHYSFS_getLastModTime
> AB> it seemed to return something else than the expected date.
> AB> I don't have windows myself, so i cannot tell more, but i can ask
> AB> for details if needed.
> AB> 2/ PHYSFS_enumerateFiles() requires a const char argument, but
> AB> we would like to test only the directory corresponding to the
> AB> language used, which is known at runtime, not at compile time.
> AB> I wonder how i could solve this without enumerating all languages
> AB> (and they are still growing...:)
> AB> Thanks for your great job, and happy new year.
> AB> Alain
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