Compiling with MinGW

Tim Čas darkuranium at
Wed Dec 3 17:42:35 EST 2008

I've just joined this list. I've yet to see how PhysicsFS performs, but I'm
sure I'll be satisfied with the results :)

I've got PhysFS to compile with MinGW.

If you wanted to know how, here are a few steps that made it work (getting
rid of all the warnings, which in turn makes this compile). It took me a
while to figure out the last part (the one with missing ULL), but it's quite
simple once you know how to do it:
1) cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles"
2) Do test compiles and get rid of the warnings... Here's how I did it:
        - add #include <malloc.h> for all the missing alloca
        - comment out all "unused variable"
        - in platform/windows.c at lines 29-32 append "ULL" to each of those
very long numbers
I haven't seen the newest Mercury working copy yet, but in my opinion, some
of these should be backported to 1.1.2. The malloc and the ULL can easily be
added, and possile the unused variables could be commented out (for now).

If anyone's interested, I can send the following (all for 1.1.1):
- the *.dll (tested, although not thoroughly) - 881KB
- the dynamic *.a (untested, for use with dll) - 180KB
- the static *.a (untested) - 1041KB

-- Tim Čas
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