[physfs] Does PHYSFS_close really return 0 on error?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sun Sep 30 00:24:59 EDT 2007

> So, I have a function that wraps the open/close functions and keeps a tally 
> of succesful opens and closes (according to the return values for those 
> functions. 0 = failure for closing a file.) The tally is always equal! For 
> each successfully opened file there is one corresponding succesful file 
> closing. I have a little thing to output an error message if the return 
> value of PHYFS_close(file) is 0, but it *never* shows up! This seems to 
> indicate that there should really be no files open inside the .zip, and yet 
> the call to remove it from the search path fails because there are.

Is the code available anywhere? It's worth checking for silly things like:

    if (PHYSFS_close(x) == 0);   // whoops, that semicolon is bad!
        opened_files--;  // always subtracts, no matter the retval...

It could be a bug in PhysicsFS, of course, but it's hard to say from 
here. It isn't something that's been reported before, as far as I know.

> p.s. And the solution does not include having my files named differently. 
> That's not an option (I'm not the one who named the files, and they must 
> remain as they are) 

You can certainly use it that way, but if that's done to work around a 
PhysicsFS limitation, you can try PHYSFS_mount() in the 1.1 branch, so 
you can have multiple archives with the same file names that don't overlap:

So if a.zip has file.txt, and so does b.zip, you might "mount" them at 
"/one" and "/two" respectively, and then open files with 
PHYSFS_openRead("/one/file.txt") and PHYSFS_openRead("/two/file.txt").

...whatever works best for your needs, of course.


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