[physfs] Linking errors (possibly regarding zlib?)

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed Jun 27 03:48:59 EDT 2007

> I downloaded the binary packages for Dev-C++ and have come accross 
> multiple link errors when linking, mainly the following:
> undefined reference to 'inflate' in ZIP_read
> undefined reference to 'inflateInit2_' and 'inflateEnd' in ZIP_seek

I don't know how Dev-C++ works here (or even that there was a PhysicsFS 
binary package for it!) but generally PhysicsFS will expect either a 
system-provided version of zlib, or that it was built with the included 
copy of the zlib sources compiled into it.

The missing symbols in that linker error are part of zlib, which the 
.zip support needs to handle decompression.


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